We Generate Power:  Full Solutions!

The expertise, can-do attitude and capabilities of John's company are unmatched in Michigan. We have chosen them to develop very cost competitive and reliable solutions for many of our commercial and industrial customers who crucially need standby, prime and continuous power enhancements to our main electrical service. These are often big jobs with 30-500 kW requirements and sophisticated power demands. MCP does it right every time. They work closely with our engineers and electrical sub- contractor and the customer to insure a competitive priced package with solid performance and long term value to the customer. We really appreciate these Guys and enjoy working with them.

-West Michigan Utility Company


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They were really good to us. Michigan Critical Power has been so helpful, courteous and respectful from the first phone call to decide on our best generator choice all the way through a clean and neat installation. Now we just depend on our new generator to work well every time needed. And that has been twice already this spring! Plus it's very quiet and nice looking too.

-Terri C.

They know their stuff! Plus they represent the best brands for our large residential and commercial customers to choose from:  KOHLER and CUMMINS, among others. We just depend on them to put together excellent options for our customers to choose from and we have never been disappointed.  We work as a team and their maintenance programs insure that our clients continue to be satisfied for the expected 20 year life of the generator.

-West Michigan Builder

MCP is widely respected by other Electrical Contractors. Mostly because of who John and Mike are. And who they have working for them. Plus they have the best selection of brands and industry knowledge to make things run very smooth for our company and our customers. Together we select and build the right Generator Set products at competitive prices and we install them to standard. MCP returns to the job site and performs the factory start up, programming and warranty commission. They even train the customer when asked. Mutual success is always achieved. And that's why we call on them first whenever a customer needs a generator.

-West Michigan Electrical Contractor

John Maher is a very honest and hardworking, competent professional. His firm handshake and sincere smile while looking me in the eye was important. He and his staff truly helped me select the right generator for my needs, desires and budget. The installation was done so nicely and the price was good. This made me happy. 'Peace of Mind" for a person with my medical needs is so important.   I'm confident saying that my new Kohler Standby Generator decision is one of the best I've made in a long time.  Mostly because of who MCP truly is.  And now they come annually to perform maintenance on my family's important investment. I know if there is ever a problem they will be here promptly to resolve it and keep me fully satisfied.  This is a great company to do business with!

-Paul K